Tooling support for allowing plans to refer to artifacts by file URI. Correct kernel and web server about files. Les étapes de configuration sont donc similaires à celle du guide d’installation, mais les valeurs de configuration diffèrent parfois. Compile JSPs with 1. Unable to open an InputStream when running on Virgo. Change the default JMX Port in dmk.

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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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Deploying an unresolvable bundle from the repositories panel on IE8 gives JS error. RollingFile appender does not roll but copies files if logging volume becomes large. DependencyCalculator sometimes throws unexpected java. Could not find backup for factory javax. All projects do always get redeployed when changing anything. Too low performance of legacy WAR-application.

Create properties viewer for runtime properties. Intermittent kernel start failure in Snaps integration tests. Provide bundles status view plus CNF content status in server and outline views. Shared Ivy cache produces incorrect dependency versions. RegionDigraph should allow all exported packages of allowed bundles. Cannot build or run formtags sample. InnerFrameworkDetection support in Virgo. Pop artifact storage changes when refresh fails with an exception.


Move release binaries from hudson build artifacts to the right location.

Index of /nexus/content/groups/PUBLIC-GROUP/org/hibernate/hibernate-tools/ga/

HotDeployer’s signer information does not match signer information of other classes in the same package. Proxy access to dependencies using Ivy erratic and all Virgo Build jobs failing. Upfront validation of the max supported version of springframework in user-region.

Cleaning the Integration Cache need to clean Ivy cache as well. Tools-3.2.0.fa.zip between Bundles tools-3.2.0.ga.zup overwrite any existing relationship to be rendered. Virgo startup fails due to ConcurrentModificationException thrown by the Gogo shell. Activator field is missing from New Bundle Wizard. Failure to centre selected bundle in OSGi Explorer.

Configuration ePims pour le développement

Intermittent auth issues connecting to build. Allow services accessor to search for implementation class in second level of depth. Classloader Exception during EntityManager setup.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Support more than one pickup folder. Pour la partie développement, nous utilisons Eclipse Europa version 3.

Show progress information about bundle classpath updates. As a user I’d like the admin console to be disabled by default.


hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Re-implement scopes using regions. Use HTML entity for infinity instead of oo. Les étapes de configuration sont donc similaires à celle du guide d’installation, mais les valeurs de configuration diffèrent parfois. Allow more and easily parameterizable parameters. Medic tools-3.2.0.ga.zip configuration not updated or used.

Hools-3.2.0.ga.zip repository index schema is shared with dm-server.

Intégration d’Hibernate Tools dans Eclipse 3.4.1

Remove the use of the deprecated PackageAdmin service in the Kernel. Promote ArtifactStorage to an exported package. The p2 to Ivy converter can’t parse correctly some versions. Find a source for provisioning or obtaining Gemini dependencies.

hibernate tools-3.2.0.ga.zip

Dependency on ASM 1.